✨ Modern Witches Artbook - Pack ✨

✨ Modern Witches Artbook - Pack ✨

Witches still exist nowadays, but they don't look like the old lady with a pointy nose from the fairy tales. Those who can transform kids into frogs and who rides a broom... No, today, anyone can be a witch and learn about the different forms of modern witchcraft!
Through this book you will discover the work of talented artists and how they interpreted the theme "Modern Witches". It'll be a journey through modern witches' way of life with a magical mix of fantasy and reality~

This is the second edition of the "Modern Witches" Artbook, a Collective artbook with 28 artists from all around the world. You'll see amazing illustrations made by NäevissLorigamiPiaVirginie MoruSurikaneRayanne VieiraMashiiroNari LysMélanie Lopez,  AadorahNaru YsaeWeinissaEdwige BellowKraiKraiMariposa NocturnaLittle Golden BearElise SimoulinFantafuminoChou à la ClemRiko DessinsHetteMaudit ArtMaurine LecerfNike-93,  SzarisNamonn and myself Vicky Pandora! Plus 3 guest artists including Justine Thibault, Meli Lusion and Audrey Molinatti

•  This is a pack: The Artbook comes with 2 A5 prints!
•  The Artbook is in English.
•  With 50 pages of illustrations and texts about Modern Witchcraft. 
•  Shipping Worldwide!

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